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Arab commentators efficiency of the efficiency commentators Arabs at the present time?

Arab commentators generally very good level, especially with the spread of satellite channels and the proliferation of famous commentator in the entire Arab world, and particularly with the large number of matches because, as I believe that the commentator as the player to succeed commentator must whim Vallab who plays in the second degree level will rise as well as its commentator who commented to in important meeting will also upgrade the level which attaches in the World Cup where, for example, will have a greater opportunity to improve their lot. The more friction and the number of matches increased level of suspense.


Any suspense that has just come to a number of games to become a star?

Commentator needs for the appropriate degree of meetings where there is a very small number not too many (not 5 matches per day) This gain new expertise and the benefit commentator.


Are affected satellite channels commentator on the sense that every commentator wants to develop from its contract with him until one of the satellite channels?

This depends on what it wants commentator. Are commentator wants to become a professional or amateurs because I think that comment is not a hobby profession in the first place, which gives more creativity and, of course, before the advent of satellites and commentators to complete their work great, but whenever comment ventilator, the better person keen on Buff more than a professional spheres. If we look to sing in recent years and how some people took it as a means to gain decreased level of art they do not have the senesce of singing and I hope not to reach that level for comment. So when they talked about wages during amateur commentators in television organizations in Egypt, at least been a staunch supporter of non-wage increase commentators.


But thus will not have time to work suspense?

Suspense will not find full-time only in a world of professionalism. Often this commentator professional leave Egypt and reside abroad and here only become a full-time commentator. But commentator in normal circumstances, when attached to three games per month will be able to live from this work alone. And in the case of other commentators raise wages locally anyone who has recently become the suspense. But the commentary fun hanging that allows keen glimmers


But is the lover of craft professional?

Formation of greater opportunity for uniqueness in their respective areas. But if we go back to the most important characteristics of the suspense went there in a nutshell acceptance commentator has good capabilities in terms of professional and good at the language, but he had no Karzama although he is not clever though he was big player or coach distinct. The first is authorized to become a distinguished commentator is the acceptance is the passport to the hearts of viewers and evidence of this attributed to the captain Lateef and the words that were used even used now for what happened that may have dire consequences, but because it was unacceptable people accept it


There neutrality and objectivity of the blame on local commentators that they are either Ahly or Zamalek. How considers it?

This talk properly. When asked once about the most difficult position possible to offset the suspense is said to be neutral, because neutrality is not in itself difficult, but because the people would not understand you if you are a neutral example, commenting on a meeting of Al Ahly and Ten positives in the meeting, said negative one fears you Zamalkawy The attack Ahly. And vice versa if I comment on the meeting of Al-Zamalek. It must be the suspense-Courtly and Raul. Neutrality is difficult and even more difficult to convince people that you neutral


We agreed on this point, but there are some commentators sided?

Some commentators sided Ahli and Zamalek just to make people loves them. But this is incorrect and I attacked from the audience Ahli and Zamalek audience. But there is bias, which is acceptable to be commenting on the match for the Egyptian national team


Is analyst or commentator and describer?

Commentator is describer first task of suspense is the description, but the suspense, which will describe only for the past 90 minutes, it would be tedious. So the commentator skills appear in the mixing between the description of the game and urges described in the stands at certain times, and also there are some technical profiles must commentator remark that the scenes they are all things show the quality of suspense.


But is may be every role commentator analysis?

Of course not. Because the suspense must be describing the first task and then comes the other tasks. But that can lead commentator Description of 100% and another 80% describe Thus, all of which vary from game to the other and from commentator to another.


Is Voice commentator requirement in order to be successful in that voice acceptable?

The commentator voice must be acceptable, but not all of the tone of his voice was unacceptable expressions are acceptable. It is a question of a mix with each acceptance enjoyed by others without suspense.


What about the commentator, which speaks for 90 minutes without interruption?

Already this problem and I suffer from it on personal level. But who compares Europe and lead the suspense there was dependent on foreign commentator talk for a whole minute and wants to represent this exactly here. This is culture of the people. Europeans do not talk much to sit friendly on the contrary our Arab peoples that love to get together and joke, this is appropriate for Europe either have enjoyed commentators, and especially associated with high skills. Any viewer that loves suspense, which says good words of good player. After the evolution of the television broadcast and transferred to the details of how the details remain commentator maintained his calmness in the light of this creativity.


What is the difference between the quotation and tradition in the commentary?

Tradition in any field is unacceptable. It mimics Umm Kulthum will not succeed is to imitate just fail. How underestimate the phenomenon of tradition? We can not underestimate the phenomenon of literary tradition, but should not imitate commentator and everyone that keen. Do we lack in talent? We have a lack of talent in many areas because of the spread of the phenomenon of profiteering.


If it ended the talk of Tariq Alador. Would you prefer Tariq Alador commentator or critic?

Each added another although there are some inconsistencies among them. I am in the field of sports since I was in the College of Medicine and writing helped me in my job but also my presence in the field added in the commentary as a journalist added advantage was met with the coaches and me in places distinct and meet with senior match viewers.


Where Dr. Tarek of the satellite channels?

The presentation before joining some satellite channels, but I refused because of my desire to leave Egypt and this is the most important thing.


Translated By : Tamer Sherif

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